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Cover Lifters

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We offer high-quality cover lifters for removing your hot tub cover with ease. An easy-installation cover lifter adds convenience to your hot tub cover. Lifters are well-constructed to work smoothly and efficiently. A cover lifter is available for virtually any spa, large or small, square or round.

Cover Lifters
CoverMate I
Remove your spa cover with ease. The CoverMate I only has one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism so installation is simple and fast; a manual lift that has proven to be absolutely trouble-free. As little as 10" (25 cm) clearance behind the spa is needed. Fits up to 8' (2.4 m) spas.
CoverMate I with wood skirts $299.99
CoverMate I with synthetic skirts $299.99
Hot tub cover lifter CoverMate III
Gas shock mechanisms make opening covers effortless. The large aluminum mounting brackets, tubing and full bar construction provide superior strength. The break-proof locking system prevents inadvertent loss of cover and eliminates broken shock problems. Ideal for spas housed in gazebos or when space behind the hot tub is limited.
CoverMate III Sundance Models $299.99
CoverMate III Maxxus Models $299.99
Hot tub cover lifter CoverMate Freestyle
This is the convenient way to handle the round spa covers on spas like the Denali. A smart-mount base system allows you to use the weight of the spa to hold the lift device in place. Back clearance on this lift is 20" (51 cm). The Freestyle positions the cover away from the spa so the entire spa is usable; it also adds privacy.
CoverMate Freestyle $299.99

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