Step outside your fast-paced life and into the soothing, effervescent, crystal-clear waters of Hydro Spa Outlet. Hydro Spa Outlet has the perfect fit for every spa enthusiast.

Built to last and designed for comfort, Hydro Spa Outlet offers everything discerning spa owners crave. Ample room and first-class amenities make for a winning combination, while high-performance equipment and a wide variety of jets ensure users' true hydrotherapy.

Hydro Spa Outlet will bring a sense of vacation to your backyard and serenity to your life.



Value added features that set Hydro Spa Outlet apart from others.


Skirting and Colors

Find the color and skirting that’s right for you...


Audio Bluetooth

The sound of music - integrated Bluetooth™ Audio System...



Hot water hydrotherapy and the benefits...


Swim Spa

Your personal aquatic fitness center in the comfort of your backyard...

Hydro-Spa Outlet will help you with any issues related to your hot tub.

Any issues with your hot tub? Don't worry - Hydro-Spa Outlet has you covered! Our team of expert technicians is here to provide top-notch maintenance, cleaning, repair, and installation services so you can keep your spa in the best condition possible.

Whether the problem is big or small, our certified technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle any situation. We use only the finest quality parts and industry-grade practices to ensure all repairs are done right.

For regular maintenance, we offer weekly service appointments, filter replacement, and water testing/adjustment services. This keeps your hot tub sparkling clean while running efficiently and optimally.

At Hydro-Spa Outlet, we ensure that every job is done correctly so you can enjoy your spa for years to come. Contact us for all your hot tub needs - from initial setup to ongoing maintenance!



Over 140 check points Double protected fittings Rest-assured warranty



Healthier, Quieter and more Energy Efficient



Unrivaled customer care and award winning dealer support assures you of 100% confidence



Energy efficient pumps Icynene™ Foam insulation Insulated skirting *Circulation Pumps


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What Customers Are Saying

John Hollis
John Hollis
Was recommended to me by a friend. The staff was helpful and encouraged me to bring my bathing suit to try out the spa in the store. Which is a nice option for a serious buyer. I wound up buying a spa from this location and it was delivered and installed on schedule the total price was extremely reasonable. I would recommend this business for spa purchases and maintenance recommendations.
Hydro-Spa Outlet is the best quality hot tub movers in the area. They were quick and did a fantastic job with my move. I had two other quotes before I hired them and Hydro-Spa was hands-down the cheapest one. It was well worth it!
Marie Schönewetter
Marie Schönewetter
I called an expert from Hydro-Spa Outlet to answer the question that keeps me up at night: “Can a hot tub cleaning chemical kill my dog?” The woman on the phone was so knowledgeable and reassured me that there is no chance of this happening. It has been comfort knowing I'm using their products!
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen
Finally--those who know Hydro-Spa Outlet will know I am telling the truth when I say that they are the only company you should go to for hot tub sales. Don't believe me? Just ask any of their happy customers. Overall, an excellent company with a really nice sales team and even better installation service.
Jon Don
Jon Don
Hydro-Spa Outlet has been great for my hot tub. I used to have a hard time keeping the water clean and would end up using an excessive amount of chemicals, but with Hydro-Spa Outlet, I don't need to use any! I highly recommend turning to Hydro for all of your hot tub maintenance needs.
stephanie m
stephanie m
Sundance Peyton 680 series has been a letdown. Lights not working properly after 3 months. Unit had a water leak. A jet nozzle came apart and it still hasn’t been replaced. Still waiting on lights for an unknown amount of time. Hoping the partial removal of the insulation from the bottom of the unit doesn’t cause problems while waiting on the ‘alleged’ repair of the lights. This unit was installed 8 months ago and I had problems way before then.
David conboy
David conboy
Had the parts
Terry Singh
Terry Singh
Need hot tub? Meet hydro spa. Not the hydro spa where you get jet spy therapy. Talk to Jake.
margaret cohn
margaret cohn
We had a great experience purchasing a spa from Peter and Chris at Hydro Spa. They are very professional, honest, and caring. And by far the best prices around. We always felt we were in good hands. Thank you, Hydro Spa.

Frequent questions and answers about our services

1Is Hydro-Spa Outlet a reliable company in hot tub sales?
Yes, Hydro-Spa Outlet is a reliable company when it comes to purchasing hot tubs. Customers can expect quality products that are priced fairly and backed by excellent customer service. The company has been in business for over 25 years and strives to provide the best possible experience for its customers. All of their products come with warranties, free shipping, and installation services, which can provide peace of mind when making such a large purchase.
2Is Hydro-Spa Outlet responsible for moving my spa to my house?
Yes, as part of our standard service, we offer spa removal and installation services. We are experienced in delivering spas to hard to reach places, such as balconies or loft conversions. Our team are highly qualified and have moved many hot tubs safely over the years. As part of this service, they will safely remove your old spa and install your new one professionally.
3What type of water maintenance is necessary?
Hot tubs require a water sanitizer to maintain safe and healthy water. Chlorine is the most popular water sanitizer, but the smell can be unpleasant. Depending on the type of sanitizer you use, you will need to regularly check the water levels to ensure proper saturation and chemical balance. You may also need to shock the hot tub periodically to curb bacteria growth.
4What are some of the best hot tub accessories?
There are many accessories you can get. You can get a spa caddy which you can place drinks or other items on. You can get a towel rack to place your towels on. You can also get spa fragrances which you can add to the water for a nice experience.
5How often should you service a hot tub?
You should do weekly maintenance to keep your spa in perfect shape.

At Hydro-Spa Outlet, we’re proud to offer our products and services in these areas: